There are new requirements regarding the posting and distribution of the Ontario Ministry of Labour employment standards poster entitled “Employment Standards in Ontario”.

Posting Requirements

Effective as of May 1, 2015, employers are required to post the most recent version of the poster (version 6.0) in the workplace where it is likely to come to the attention of employees. The poster must be displayed in English, unless the majority language of the workplace is a language other than English and the Ministry has published a version of the poster in that language.  If so, the employer is required to post a copy of the translation next to the English version of the poster.  The poster can be downloaded and printed here.  The poster must be printed out on letter-size paper, in colour or black and white.

Distribution Requirements

Pursuant to amendments to the Employment Standards Act, 2000, effective as of May 20, 2015, employers are required to provide all existing employees with a copy of the poster (version 6.0) by June 19, 2015.  Employees hired after May 20, 2015 must be provided with a copy of the poster within 30 days of their hire date.  Employers may provide the poster as a printed copy or as an attachment via email to the employee.  Employers may also provide the poster via a link to the document on an internet database, but only if the employer ensures that the employee has reasonable access to that database and a printer and knows how to use the computer and printer.


An employer that is required to post and distribute the poster and fails to do so would be in violation of the Act.  Should the employer be audited or investigated by the Ministry of Labour, this failure could result in enforcement action.