Barnes & Thornburg’s Ohio office is a member of the Employers Resource Association (ERA). ERA has been doing a monthly survey of its member employers and publishing a nifty infographic of the results that they have allowed us to share with our readers. One recent infographic compares employers’ maternity and paternity leave policies, underscoring the marked difference. Forty-two percent of companies reported offering a maternity leave policy, while only 15 percent had a paternity leave policy. Likely, many of those companies not reporting a policy are in fact providing some maternity leave as is arguably required by law under Ohio Civil Rights Commission regulations, so perhaps the same is true of paternity leave. The infographic shows other differences as well.

Readers may also want to check out prior infographics on how insurance premiums changed in the latest round of open enrollment, how employers are planning to deal with changes in the FLSA regulations if they go through, and how HR departments are structured. Always good to benchmark with what other employers are thinking and doing.