On September 8th, 2015, the Energy Regulatory Commission ("CRE") published in the federal official gazette, general administrative guidelines (the 'Guidelines") setting the requirements for applications to obtain permits in the area of natural gas transportation, storage, distribution, liquefaction, regasification, compression, decompression, retailing and management of integrated systems.

CRE has established the requirements and forms to apply for permits. The requirements  may be consulted and downloaded at: http://www.cre.gob.mx/gasnatural.html. The forms must be completed and submitted by interested parties through CRE's Electronic Filing System. Permits may cover any of the following activities:

  1. Pipeline transportation;
  2. Non-pipeline transportation:
    1. Tank-vessel;
    2. Semitrailer;
    3. Tank-truck; or
    4. Bobtail.
  3. Pipeline distribution;
  4. Non-pipeline distribution:
    1. Semitrailer;
    2. Bobtail; or
    3. Other means established by CRE in the general administrative provisions to be issued for such purposes.
  5. Storage;
  6. Compression;
  7. Decompression;
  8. Liquefaction;
  9. Regasification;
  10. Retail to the public in service stations for specific or multimodal use; and
  11. Management of a transportation and storage integrated system.

The Guidelines became effective on September 9th, 2015.