The Strata Titles (Amendment) Act 2013 ("STAA 2013") is anticipated to come into force soon and will bring about a significant change to the legal landscape relating to strata developments and common property management.\

Briefly, the amendments of significant note under the STAA 2013 include:

  • the extension of the Strata Titles Act 1985 to Labuan;
  • the introduction of the Electronic Land Administration System of Strata Titles;
  • a compulsory requirement for the original proprietor to apply for sub-division of a building or land at the super structure stage, thereby requiring the application for sub-division to be made in two stages;
  • in the case of phased developments, the issuance of a provisional strata title for a provisional block comprising of land parcels will now be allowed;
  • the designation of limited common property and the creation of one or more subsidiary management corporations to represent the different interests of parcel proprietors; and
  • the execution of transfer documents of ownership of strata titles by the purchaser within thirty (30) days from the date of issue by the Land Administrator or any extended period by the Director.