The situation

Foreign nationals seeking employment and residency in Egypt are now required to schedule an appointment with immigration authorities to submit residence permit applications.

Residence permit application process

Foreign nationals must now follow the below steps to submit a residence permit application:

  • Schedule an appointment in person at an immigration office branch near the location of their employer (previously applications could be lodged with the main immigration department in Cairo);
  • Wait up to 30 days from scheduling the appointment to file the residence permit documentation (this is a new waiting period that did not exist in the previous process); and
  • Follow post-submission steps such as passport stamping, immigration security check and endorsement of residence permit, among other steps.


Foreign nationals will see additional delays in obtaining their residence permits due to the additional step in the application process. The 30-day waiting period will add to the already significant delays that foreign nationals are facing due to the ongoing state of emergency in Egypt.

Foreign nationals who travel internationally while their immigration application is processed should consider the delays that may occur if they are unable to return to Egypt for their appointment. Foreign nationals are advised to avoid travelling during the immigration process if possible.