On 6 November 2008, in the case of BAGS -v- AMRAC, the High Court dismissed a counter-claim by a number of British racecourses in the proceedings against a number of UK bookmakers that, among other things, they had colluded to jeopardise the entry into the market of a new horseracing picture service, Turf TV. Although the court acknowledged that there was some evidence of parallel behaviour among the bookmakers and opportunity for them to discuss their attitude to Turf TV, it concluded that there was insufficient evidence to demonstrate actual illegal collusion. This latest decision follows an earlier judgment of 8 August 2008, where the Court dismissed the claim by the bookmakers that Amrac and a number of UK racecourses had acted anti-competitively in the creation of Turf TV, to rival the incumbent betting channel SIS FACTS. Nabarro acted for one of the defendants, and a shareholder of Turf TV, in this case.