On September 16, 2012, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced a new round of system enhancements for users who access the program directly through a web browser. Specifically, E-Verify will now support Internet Explorer (version 6.0 and higher) as well as Firefox (version 3.0 and higher), Chrome (version 7.0 and higher), and Safari (version 4.0 and higher). In addition, E-Verify will provide users with a new “Quick Audit Report” feature to enable the production of E-Verify activity records in response to government audits. The report will display relevant E-Verify case data but will not include sensitive employee information such as Social Security numbers.

The new enhancements also include an important change to the fields for individuals who identify as “aliens authorized to work” and present a foreign passport and Form I-94 as evidence of work authorization. Under the new scheme, employers will now be required to record the issuing country and document number of the foreign passport in order to complete an E-Verify query.

Finally, the enhancements offer new features for Corporate Administrators, including a new web-based tutorial and user manual.