In the evening of September 1, Yunnan based KPC Pharmaceuticals announced its plan to invest 70 million RMB in milestone payments to purchase the related patents and clinical approvals acquired by the Dihydroartemisinin -- Novel Therapy Against Lupus Erythematosus Project carried out by Noble Prize winner Tu Youyou’s Team from the Traditional Chinese Medicine Institute of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences (CACMS). According to the announcement, China does not have medicines specially used to cure lupus erythematosus for the moment. The current treatment for lupus erythematosus still uses glucocorticoid as basic medicine and jointly uses non-specific anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive agents. The treatment could slow the progression of the disease, but such treatment always fails mainly because of complications such as immune dysfunction caused by long-term use of the above medicines. Currently, the market need for the cure of lupus erythematosus still exists as there is still no radical cure for the disease. If dihydroartemisinin proves to have comparative advantage in therapeutic effect and safety, it will have a better chance of getting approved, and could thus fill the market gap and bring great market potential.