On January 19th, 2016, the agreement for the establishment of the Support Mission Against Corruption and Impunity in Honduras (MACCIH, by its Spanish acronym) was signed at the Organization of American States (OAS) headquarters.

The Mission was established following an initiative of the Honduran government, in order to help to reduce the high levels of corruption and impunity that affects the country. The official installation of the MACCIH will proceed once the Congress ratifies the agreement.

The MACCIH, which will have international funding to ensure its independence and autonomy, will create a group, consisting of judges, prosecutors and highly recognized international experts, which will provide support, advice, supervision and/or evaluation for entities of the Honduran justice system. A justice observatory composed of academic organizations and Honduran civil society will also be organized in order to monitor and evaluate the aforementioned transformation process.

With this agreement, Honduras takes an important step towards ensuring legal certainty and an attractive climate for investments in the country. It is expected that with the official establishment of the Mission, the fight against corruption and impunity, will cause a positive impact in the business climate and harmony in the country.