RAND Corporation Using evidence to strengthen policies for investing in children. This evidence guide provides a starting point for policymakers who seek more information on how to use evidence to strengthen policies for investing in children. It will familiarise users with the basics of some approaches to using evidence to inform policies related to children including conducting needs assessments, selecting practices that have shown promise in previous implementation, developing a logic model to help plan a practice and determine if it has achieved its objectives, and conducting or overseeing various types of evaluation including theory-based evaluations and counterfactual impact evaluations.   

Bevan Brittan Articles

Children - which decision counts? Hannah Taylor. It is a well-known principle in English law that a competent adult’s refusal to treatment cannot be overridden – no matter how unwise or incomprehensible that decision may be. The same cannot always be said in relation to children, who, as a society we consider must be afforded an added protection against their own unwise or irrational decisions.