The California Department of Toxic Substances Control(DTSC) has revised the text to its Safer Consumer Product Regulations and announced a 15-day comment period for the revised text that will close on September 9, 2013. The revised text is for sections 69501.3(b), 69509.1(a), and 69509.1(c). Section 69501.3(b) has been added to require that documents be submitted to DTSC in English and also in an electronic format. Section 69509.1(a) calls for DTSC to review trade secret claims submitted under the regulations as long as the information in support of the trade secret before disclosing the information. Section 69509.1(c) states that even if information is submitted in support of the trade secret claim, it will only be classified as a “trade secret” upon a DTSC review of the information. DTSC will inform the party that submits the information within 30 days by registered mail.