New Ruling on Unauthorized Absence

Precedential Decision by Judiciary or Regulatory Agency

An employee sued his employer for wrongful termination after returning from an unauthorized vacation. The Labor Court held that the employee’s unauthorized absence constituted such a gross breach of his obligations towards the company that there was just cause for dismissal with immediate effect. The employee was therefore not entitled to any damages for wrongful termination. The company was obliged to pay SEK 10,000 for breach of the formal requirements in the Employment Protection Act.

Audit on the 150 Largest IT Companies in Sweden


The Equality Ombudsman is conducting an audit to ensure that companies within the IT sector have guidelines and routines to prevent harassment, sexual harassment and retaliation. The audit is a continuation of the audits initiated by the Equality Ombudsman in 2017 in connection with the new rules regarding active measures in the Swedish Discrimination Act entering into force. So far, the Equality Ombudsman has conducted audits on municipalities, companies within the construction, cultural, media and legal industry.