On March 9th, the Steering Committee 389 on anti-smuggling, trade fraud and counterfeiting (BCD 389) has held an online conference to summarize the operations in 2016 with the participation of the Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Truong Hoa Binh.

As reported by the Steering Committee 389, in 2016, the authorities detected and handled over 223,260 cases of smuggling, trade fraud and counterfeiting (up 8.23% against 2015), prosecuted 1,560 cases and 1,863 people and submitted to the State budget more than VND21.56 trillion (US$948.64 million, €878.84 million) (up 59.23% compared to 2015) in money from administrative fines, sales of seized commodities and other sources.

Mr. Binh stated that there are positive results in the fight against smuggling, trade fraud and counterfeiting, which received appreciation from both people and businesses and contributes to increasing budget revenues, protecting the business climate and consumers’ rights and promoting socio-economic development.

Meanwhile, further discussion should be focused on the key issues of public concern such as smuggling, trade fraud, production and trade in counterfeit and low-quality goods, intellectual property infringements and the trafficking of oil and petroleum, tobacco, wildlife, wine and beer, fertilizer, plant protection drugs, functional foods and cosmetics, Mr. Binh requested.

The three main reasons for the roaming counterfeits goods are the complexity of geographical areas, authority facilities and the spreading of international smuggling organizations. In the battle against counterfeits, several officers have wasted their lives while some others have been bribed to violate the law and protect smuggling activities. Furthermore, the Deputy Prime Minister requested the BCD 389 to strictly supervise the operations of local authorities, especially in the border provinces, seaports and other economic areas. This includes strong measures such as the replacement of local officers and authority body leaders who do not fulfill the orders or having acts of protecting the infringers or criminal organizations involved in IP infringements.

[Source: VGP News]