On October 18, 2016, the State AIC published its Guiding Opinions on Facilitating the Reform on Enterprise Names’ Registration, which called on local AICs to open up their databases of enterprise names. 

Information made available includes:

  • names of existing enterprises;
  • original names of enterprises that have changed within the past year;
  • names of enterprises whose registration has been cancelled or whose business licenses have been revoked without proper deregistration;
  • names of enterprises properly deregistered after being canceled or revoked within the past three years, or properly deregistered for other reasons within the past year;
  • enterprise names that have been applied for, but not yet pre-approved;
  • valid enterprise names that have been pre-approved, but not yet registered; and
  • other enterprise names that the authorities consider relevant.

District AIC branches must open up their databases by December 1, 2016, while provincial AIC branches are expected to open them up as soon as possible, although there is no specific timeframe. 

With this measure, applicants will be able to check the availability of their chosen enterprise name before applying for AIC pre-approval. This should simplify current name pre-approval procedures, especially when trade names used in the enterprise names are transliterated from Latin words.

Date of issue: October 18, 2016. Effective date: October 18, 2016