An occupational health doctor issued a certificate of permanent unfitness to a worker employed as a housekeeper. Accused of having a biased attitude, the doctor was charged before the Ile-de-France first instance disciplinary chamber of the Order of Doctors.   By a decision rendered on 23 November 2012, the disciplinary chamber rejected the complaint. The Order of Doctor’s national disciplinary chamber then vacated the first instance chamber’s decision and issued a reprimand against the occupational health doctor.

The doctor acknowledged that he was aware of the impropriety of the certificate, as the employee had declared that, if she did not get the certificate, there was nothing left for her to do “but to commit suicide.” The doctor further admitted having drawn up the certificates of unfitness based solely on the employee’s statements, without precisely analyzing her workplace or discussing the matter with the families who employed her.

The Supreme Court, concurring with the Order of Doctor’s national disciplinary chamber, has denied the occupational health doctor’s appeal.