On October 26th, the SEC provided notice of NYSE Arca's, NYSE Amex's and the New York Stock Exchange's filing of proposals that would expand the scope of potential "Users" of their co-location services to include any market participant that requests to receive co-location services directly from the exchanges. In addition, the exchanges propose to amend each of their Fee Schedules to establish a fee for Users that host their customers at the exchanges' data centers. Five separate proposals were filed. Comments on each of the proposals should be submitted within 21 days after publication in the Federal Register, which is expected during the week of October 31. SEC Release No. 34-65624 (NYSE Arca proposal for OTP Holders, OTP Firms or Sponsored Participants); SEC Release No. 34-65625 (NYSE Arca proposal for ETP Holders or Sponsored Participants); SEC Release No. 34-65626 (NYSE Amex proposal for ATP Holders); SEC Release No. 34-65627 (NYSE Amex proposal for member organizations); SEC Release No. 34-65629 (NYSE proposal for member organizations).