Planning for the long-term is a challenge in the current political and economic climate, all the more so now that an IndyRef 2 is firmly on the political horizon. However, we are pleased to say that our clients are rolling up their sleeves, getting on with the job in hand and making provision for the short and medium term factors certain to affect their business.

This is particularly relevant for the care sector in Scotland. An increasingly ageing population (with the latest Scottish Government figures indicating that between mid-2005 and mid-2015 the number of people in Scotland aged 75 and over, 60-74 and 45-59 rose by 17%, 18%, and 11% respectively) must be catered for in the context of high public interest and influence. While an increase in potential users signifies a sector ripe for investment, strict regulation of staffing levels and prescription as to the skills required of staff make the care sector highly sensitive to changes affecting its workforce. In our experience neither the appetite for investment nor the pace of change is being slowed in the current political or economic climate.