As the Ohio General Assembly swings back into action this fall, there are several pieces of employment related legislation that mirror areas getting attention nationally:

  1. Ohio passed a concealed carry law in 2006, but the law specifically allows employers to prohibit weapons on the employer’s premises.  The most controversial aspect of this law with gun rights advocates is that employees may be prohibited from storing weapons in their vehicles.  There is some legislative support to taking away the employer’s ability to impose this restriction.  While there is no indication that this measure results directly from the Newtown tragedy, that event has triggered legislation in some states allowing teachers to carry firearms.
  2. Measures have been introduced to prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Such measures, both in employment and other contexts, have been adopted in other states and municipalities – as discussed in this post - a more frequent source of discrimination laws in recent years.
  3. A bill would protect employees from disciplinary action related to court-ordered parenting schedules. This could in effect impose additional leave options on Ohio employers.

In addition, in what seems to be an annual rite in Ohio, business groups will continue to try to revise state discrimination laws and the procedures under them to be more in line with federal provisions. We will monitor all of these developments, as well as legislative initiatives in other states of particular interests to our readers.