The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) has found in favour of C S Lewis (PTE) Ltd under the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy in respect of a complaint against Richard Saville-Smith for registering as a domain name the pre-existing trade mark "Narnia".

Mr Saville-Smith claimed to have bought the domain name,, as a present for his Narnia loving son. This potentially posed problems for C S Lewis (PTE) Ltd in proving that the domain name was registered in bad faith, which would be necessary in order to have the domain transferred to C S Lewis (PTE) Ltd.

However, WIPO discovered that the respondent, who owns a media and PR agency, had used the domain name to link to commercial sites selling Narnia merchandise and had also registered other well known third party and brand domain names, for example

It was due to these factors that WIPO found that the registration had been made in bad faith and consequently ordered the transfer of the domain name to C S Lewis (PTE) Ltd.

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