Drivers admit to making out, fixing hair and daydreaming all while behind the wheel

We all know there are many things to distract you while behind the wheel. Maybe it’s the passenger sitting next to you sharing a long animated story or maybe the text message alerts on your phone just won’t stop. While I tend to think distracted driving is based around our addiction to technology, it can go beyond our smartphones.

A recent survey among drivers found several other potentially dangerous behaviors behind the wheel and a wide range of activities. From putting in contact lenses to playing guitar, some drivers choose to do many risky things that take their hands and minds off the road.

The Chicago Tribune recently reported on the results of an online survey from Erie Insurance. The survey found the most fatal distracted driving behavior was daydreaming.

Other types of distracted driving include:

  • Romantic encounter/PDA 15%
  • Combing/styling hair 15%
  • Changing clothes 9%
  • Putting on make-up 8%
  • Brushing/flossing teeth 4%
  • Taking selfies 4%
  • Changing drivers 3%
  • Going to the bathroom 3%

The survey which polled 2,019 adults also revealed regional and other differences about who texts while driving. It found drivers in the South are most likely to text, men are more likely to text than women, and younger drivers (between 18-34) text the most.

While it is interesting to look at studies like this, which show driving behaviors, it is also alarming. We know that any activity that diverts a person’s attention away from the primary task of driving can have deadly consequences. According to, an estimated 421,000 people were injured were injured in motor vehicle crashes involving a distracted driver and 3,328 people were killed.

As April marks Distracted Driving Awareness Month, let’s remember to put down our phones, make-up, toothbrush, and even guitar – while driving.