On Thursday, the House Appropriations Committee voted out HB 7107 and 7109, which substantially revise Florida's Medicaid program. The bills create eight managed care regions throughout the state and require the Agency for Health Care Administration to contract with managed care plans in each region to provide long-term, primary, and acute care for Medicaid recipients. A last-minute strike-all amendment added a non-economic civil liability cap of $300,000 for personal injury or wrongful death claims based on medical negligence of a Medicaid provider. The House proposals continue to differ significantly from the Senate proposal, S.B. 1972, in that the House proposals not only divide the state into fewer regions (eight, as opposed to 19), but also differ on the approach to cost containment. In the House proposals, Medicaid costs will be contained through the use of an achieved savings rebate, while the Senate proposal imposes a medical loss ratio on all managed care plans. The House proposals also continue to exclude a smaller population of Medicaid recipients, relative to the Senate proposal. The House bills will be debated on the floor on March 29. Meanwhile, the Senate proposal will be heard in the Senate Health Regulation Committee on Wednesday, March 30.