The plaintiff, a terminated employee, had signed a two year employment agreement and a separate arbitration agreement with a home décor company. The plaintiff was terminated after six months and sued the defendant in Minnesota state court for wrongful termination. After defendant removed the case to federal court in Minnesota it filed an answer with various affirmative defenses but never mentioned the arbitration agreement. Additionally, the parties engaged in various motion practice and meetings but the arbitration agreement was never raised. The defendant raised the separate arbitration agreement for the first time, eight months after the initiation of the lawsuit and after it lost a motion to transfer the matter to the Eastern District of California. The lower court denied the motion to compel arbitration on the ground of waiver. On appeal, the Eighth Circuit affirmed, finding that the defendant knew of the right to arbitrate, acted inconsistently with the right, and prejudiced the plaintiff causing him to incur litigation costs. The court noted that the defendant had filed the Joint Rule 26(f) report requesting that the court set the matter for trial, and then engaged in motion practice attempting to transfer venue. The actions of the defendant in using the litigation machinery until it lost, clearly prejudiced the Plaintiff and constituted waiver of the right to arbitrate. Messina v. North Central Distributing, Inc., Case No. 15-2323 (8th Cir. May 10, 2016).