According to the Denver Post, a Colorado attorney has been sued for allegedly having illicit relationships with clients, filming sexual liaisons in his office and going so far as marrying some of them in a polygamist union because it was “commanded of God.”

Criminal defense attorney, Charles L. Fife, was sued by a client who claims Fife surreptitiously filmed himself having sex with women including clients.

It all started when the plaintiff was charged with a serious traffic accident in 2005. Fife offered to represent her on a retainer for $400, which was significantly less than other attorney quotes, the lawsuit says. Plaintiff filed a civil suit under the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act. The lawsuit also names other members of the law firm as defendants for their failure to stop the abuse.

The civil lawsuit claims that Fife, who is married, purports to be a member of a fundamentalist Mormon group that believes in polygamy, and is known to approach and explain his extramarital affairs to his victims through his religious beliefs, the lawsuit says.

The suit alleges Fife grooms his often destitute female clients for sexual relations at his office by providing them with money and alcohol and making explicit or tacit promises to reduce his fee in exchange for sex. It also states Fife often recorded the sexual encounters in his office through a digital recorder on his computer.

And it gets worse.

The suit alleges Fife has a “semi-professional photographic studio” in his office with professional lighting, light reflectors and refractors, and high-definition-quality video recording equipment – all in plain sight. The claim further purports that a partner once discovered genital lubricant in the office and an office assistant was fired when she complained about the sexual exploitation.

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