Three months into his position as chairman of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO), Tom Johnson is optimistic about Ohio’s energy resources and their economic impact on the state, and says “All of Ohio should share in the competitive energy prices and job creation supported by the Kasich administration,” in a recent Hannah News report. Johnson pointed out that drilling and shale gas development in eastern and southeastern Ohio creates the prospect of “low energy prices and spinoff investments in other parts of the state” that “benefit all Ohioans.” Johnson also noted “the intrastate network of pipelines and distribution points under construction in Ohio as part of a larger interstate pipeline to the Texas Gulf Coast,” according to the article. “Building them, maintaining them, operating them: It creates a lot of jobs,” he said. While Johnson said, “Coal is going to continue to be a very important part of our energy source in Ohio,” he also noted the some coal retrofitting has already been done to replace retiring coal plants that would be too costly to update for environmental compliance.