While the 4.2-megawatt (MW) solar plant under construction in the Village of Minster is one of the largest in Ohio, it’s the joined 7-MW energy storage facility that makes the project unique, according to Dylan Borchers of Bricker & Eckler LLP’s Regulated Industries group. In a recent article, “First-of-its-kind municipal solar and storage project under construction in Minster, Ohio,” Borchers notes that the combined system may be the largest of its kind connected through a municipal facility in the United States. The storage facility will participate in PJM Interconnection’s frequency regulation market, “providing regulation and stability more effectively than traditional power plants,” according to the article. The power generated from the solar array will be included in Minster’s electric portfolio, allowing the village to “reduce energy costs and obtain a predictable electricity rate.” The storage system will enable Minster to better manage peak-demand periods as well as provide backup power; it will be tied to the solar plant, “allowing Minster to further reduce their peak demand charges in the middle of the day.” For more, read the full article.