Chancellor George Osborne will deliver the 2013 Budget on Wednesday 20th March. Here are some snippets of what we might hear.

Pensions and care

The chancellor recently revealed the proposed flat-tier pension, worth about £144 a week, would now start in 2016, a year earlier than previously planned.

He has also said that a cap on the amount the elderly pay for social care in England, originally planned to be set at £75,000 and introduced in 2017, will now also be introduced in 2016 at a level of £72,000.

Tax changes

Several tax changes are already pencilled in for 1 April 2013 including the reduction of the top rate of tax, to 45p, and an increase in the personal tax allowance, which will rise from £8,105 to £9,400.

Some expect that the chancellor will hint at a further increase of the personal allowance to reach the coalition agreement's stated £10,000 ambition.

The Chancellor is expected to announce that the IHT nil rate band will be frozen at £325,000 until 2019.

He may signal a further reduction in the rate of corporation tax to 20p. He already plans to reduce the rate to 21p by June 2014.

Given the recent press coverage of perceived tax avoidance by large companies there might be mention of how the government plans to make companies pay more tax.

The Budget is expected to introduce the General Anti Abuse legislation that has been under consultation.

Alcohol and fuel duty

There could be good news for motorists as there is often an announcement delaying the next rise in fuel duty. The shortfall could however met from an increase in alcohol taxes.