Interesting marks often come from unexpected places. Take the recent “COVFEFE” craze, based on an apparent typo in a tweet early May 31, 2017 by a certain “high profile” individual. In less than two weeks, there are now about 40 COVFEFE trademark applications filed worldwide, thousands of domains registered, and untold numbers of social media hits still happening around the clock.

Corsearch’s GeoMapping feature shows where known marks containing the term COVFEFE are currently filed throughout the world:

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The COVFEFE mark is rapidly seizing the globe like a game of Risk®. We’re going to ignore COVFEFE’s humble origins for now and take a look at it from a pure “brand” perspective.

Pretend for a few minutes that COVFEFE is a premeditated brand and that it was created for a purpose. Let’s examine how a mark like COVFEFE could have been created intentionally. How would it have fared in the clearance process? How unique was it prior to May 31, 2017? What if, for example, COVFEFE had been a real brand rather than a famous typo? In this blog post we’ll attempt to address these questions and deconstruct COVFEFE as a brand . . . just for fun.

On its own merits, COVFEFE has some potential brand appeal. Coming in at seven letters, it’s short and to-the-point. It looks good to the eye and the pronunciation possibilities run from straight cadence to syncopation. The “OV” sound transitions smoothly to the “F” sound on the tongue depending on how you choose to pronounce it. COVFEFE is seemingly both exotic and approachable. Mysterious, yet fun. These traits make COVFEFE, in this writer’s opinion, an attractive and versatile term that could have been used effectively as a brand for a variety of industries.

But first, let’s start deconstructing COVFEFE. What does COVFEFE evoke in the mind of a potential consumer? Many tried to figure this out when the term first landed on Twitter on May 31. Corsearch ran it though an analysis to see what base terms could have been used to create such a brand.

Our analysis of the prefix “COV” uncovered concepts such as:











The suffix “FE” likewise suggests concepts like:











Perhaps the FEFE suffix is the more interesting part of COVFEFE. According to Urban Dictionary, “FE FE” is a slang word originating out of Chicago, which means “party” – specifically a block or house party. FEFE is also listed as a female name and is a variation on “FIFI.” The element “Fe” is the periodic symbol for iron, which connotes strength, rigidity, and protection. Many of these concepts are arguably desirable brand connotations depending on the product. Yes, this is a bit like reading tea leaves, but hang in there — it’s all part of the fun.

From the findings above, it seems that both the COV and FE formants are potentially rich in base concept terms. This makes COVFEFE a pleasantly versatile brand. Thus, COVFEFE could possibly serve as an effective brand for a wide range of products or services — from pharmaceuticals to luxury fashion merchandise.

Stay tuned. We’re not done with our analysis of COVFEFE yet. Watch for our next installment where we’ll look at how COVFEFE would fare in the clearance process as a brand for various industries.