More JCT 2016 contracts have arrived - these versions in the Standard Building Contract family:

  • With Approximate Quantities
  • With Quantities
  • Without Quantities
  • Guide
  • Sub-Contract Agreement
  • Sub-Contract Conditions
  • Sub-Contract with sub contractor's design Agreement
  • Sub-Contract with sub contractor's design Conditions
  • Sub-Contract Guide

And these collateral warranties:

From a Contractor for:

  • a Funder; and
  • a Purchaser or Tenant.

From a Sub-Contractor for:

  • a Funder;
  • a Purchaser or Tenant; and
  • the Employer.

Free downloads are also available, for the 2016 Standard Building Contract and subcontract, of the:

  • Model forms for the Rights Particulars; and
  • Fluctuations Options B & C.

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