DE Advised Not to Adopt Supplier Rule Proposal

The Delaware Public Service Commission was advised by the Federal Trade Commission on November 15 to create an alternative proposal for its Rules for Certification and Regulation of Electric Suppliers. The state commission had opened comments on a proposal that updated the rules to consider new technological developments such as smart meters. The FTC said the proposal, which would require a supplier to provide customers price per kWh five days prior to the price effective date, would preclude some of the most beneficial variable price offers.

WY Groundwater Testing Rule

The Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission unanimously approved November 15 a final groundwater testing rule. The rule, set to go into effect in March 2014, will require a radial approach to well sampling without a cap on the number of wells tested. Environmental groups such as the Environmental Defense Fund applauded the rule, saying the sampling and analysis protocol is the most detailed guidance of any of the states.

CO Methane Leak Rule

Governor John Hickenlooper (D-CO) announced November 18 that the Air Pollution Control Division has proposed methane emission regulations for the oil and gas industry. The state will be the first to regulate methane emissions should the rules be finalized. The governor and environmental groups praised the rules.

WY Fracking Disclosure Oral Arguments

The Wyoming Supreme Court heard oral arguments for a case on the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission fracking fluid disclosure laws November 20. The law was adopted several years ago, and environmental groups requested that the information disclosed to the government be published. The district court ruled in favor of the commission, agreeing that the information was considered as trade secrets.

NARUC Annual Meeting Held

Colette Honorable, who currently serves as the Arkansas Public Service Commission Chairman, was elected November 20 to serve as National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners President for a one-year term at the association’s annual meeting. Philip Jones of Washington has led the group for the past year. At the same meeting, the group passed a resolution promoting the role of state regulators in developing emissions regulations for existing power plants.

NYSERDA Offers $1 Million for Data Centers

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority issued a funding opportunity announcement November 25 for data center and information and communications technology research, development, and demonstration projects. Round one applications are due February 11.