In a March 8, 2007 post, we covered the district court dismissal of a securities fraud class action against MBIA as time-barred. The plaintiffs alleged that MBIA’s financial statements were materially misstated because MBIA had booked proceeds from a series of retroactive reinsurance agreements as income when these agreements were actually loans. The district court determined that the plaintiffs were on inquiry notice of the alleged fraud for more than two years prior to commencing the action and granted MBIA’s motion to dismiss. On appeal, the Second Circuit affirmed the dismissal of the case as time-barred, interpreted the dismissal to be without prejudice, and remanded the matter to the district court. Prior to the district court’s order of dismissal, the plaintiffs had sought leave to file an amended complaint. The circuit court’s ruling allows the plaintiffs to file their amended complaint, which likely will have to allege diversity jurisdiction and state law claims with a longer statute of limitation period. City of Pontiac General Employees’ Retirement System v. MBIA, Inc., Case No. 07-1117-cv (2d Cir. Nov. 12, 2008).