The Court of Justice of the European Union (“ECJ”) dismissed an application of Electricite de France (“EDF”) for interim measures regarding the Commission’s decision declining to postpone the deadline to carry out some of the required commitments set as a condition to the approval of the merger between EDF and Segebel. The ECJ held that the General Court (“GC”) had erred in law when it rejected EDF's application for interim measures. The ECJ found that the GC had applied a too high standard of “serious harm” when it concluded that the alleged harm was not sufficiently serious only on the grounds that EDF had failed to provide any information on its size and turnover or on the EDF group’s financial situation. However, in considering the application for the interim measures, the ECJ found that EDF had failed to establish that it would suffer serious or irreparable harm if the interim measures were not granted. Therefore, the ECJ held that the necessary condition of urgency was not met. Source: C-551/12 P(R), Electricte de France SA v European Commission, Order of Vice-President of ECJ, 7/3/2013