Allstate applied for a stay of proceedings in a UK Commercial Court action brought by Equitas pending the outcome of arbitration in Texas between Allstate and a non-party, Highlands. The English action concerned the scope of a commutation agreement between, among others, Allstate and Equitas. The agreement was governed by English law and contained an exclusive English jurisdiction clause. The claims in the action – the applicability of the commutation agreement to certain Lloyd’s syndicates’ claimed interests in common account excess of loss reinsurance contracts and whether Highland could recover pursuant to the contracts – were also the subject of the Texas arbitration. This was insufficient to warrant a stay of proceedings, however, principally because of the jurisdiction selection clause. The effect of the clause made English jurisdiction exclusive and mandatory, depriving the court of its common law discretion to stay proceedings in favor of another jurisdiction on classic forum non conveniens grounds. Equitas Limited v. Allstate Insurance Company [2008] EWHC 1671 (Comm. July 17, 2008).