The Government Equalities Office has published a summary of the 2017/18 gender pay gap data submitted by employers as at May 2018, along with an Interim Gender Pay Gap Employer Insights Survey conducted at the end of 2017. The summary estimates that 48% of in-scope employers published an action plan in the first year of the duty (based on a sample of 400 employers) and 90% had produced a narrative to explain their figures. Only 17% of employers surveyed reported finding the GPG calculations difficult, yet according to analysis by Staffmetrix, employers are continuing to have problems: one in four of those who have submitted their 2018/19 data already have failed to fully comply with the requirements.

A survey by the Equality and Human Rights Commission has found that 61% of women look at employers’ gender pay gaps when applying for jobs.

Meanwhile the Office for National Statistics has reported some positive news. In the year to April 2018, the national gender pay gap fell from 9.1% to 8.6% for full-time workers, with the gap insignificant for those aged under 39, although it widens considerably for older age groups.