On 26 April 2019 the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate announced the results of the SDE+ subsidy 2018 autumn application round. Here you find the overview of applicants that are awarded SDE+ subsidy, as well as information on their projects.

In total RVO received 5,907 SDE+ subsidy applications (for a total budget claim of EUR 7.7 billion). 4,618 projects were granted SDE+ subsidy, of which solar, as in previous application rounds, is by far the largest source with 4,411 projects. Whereas during the 2018 spring round the available budget of EUR 6 billion had been allocated just a little over 50%, with the 2018 autumn round the total of EUR 6 billion has been granted. As was predicted, a few big wind projects applied for SDE+ subsidy, resulting in a massive increase in the share in wind. In the SDE+ 2018 spring round EUR 149 million was granted to 45 wind projects, compared to EUR 1.9 billion for 143 projects this autumn round.

The SDE+ 2019 spring round has just closed. 5,376 SDE+ subsidy applications have been received by RVO for a total budget claim of EUR 4.8 billion. The total budget available for the 2019 spring round is EUR 5 billion. The results are expected end of June 2019.