The Government published a consultation on 8 July 2014 on two new cash alternative schemes to enable owner-occupiers to remain in properties affected by the construction of HS2 and to receive monetary compensation. These options will potentially be in addition to the previously publicised measures to compensate owner-occupiers who will be affected by the proposed route of HS2 Phase One.

The amount of compensation will depend upon the proximity  of the property to the proposed route, as described in the table below. The cash alternative schemes are being proposed in response to the 2013 consultation where many respondents argued that there should be a means of redress to property owners that does not compel them to sell to the Government, and the community benefit of keeping local families and businesses in situ (as acknowledged in the 8 July 2014 consultation document).

Owner occupiers for these purposes will include residential properties, small business units (with an annual rateable value of up to £34,800) and agricultural units.

The distances specified in the following table are of general application in rural areas only. Maps are available at http:// and should be consulted to determine the applicability of the various schemes. None of the cash alternative schemes will apply to parts of the proposed route where the line will be in a bored tunnel.

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In addition, the “need to sell” and “rent back” schemes will still be available. The “need to sell” scheme (which will replace the “exceptional hardship scheme”) has no physical boundary limits and applies to owner-occupiers who have a compelling need to sell their home (i.e. job relocation or ill health) but are unable to do so because of plans to build HS2. The “rent back” scheme applies where the Government has purchased property under any of the other schemes but the property is suitable for letting and the previous owner is entitled to be considered to carry on living there under a Crown tenancy.