In August 2009, the Commission announced that it had reopened the public comment period for the review of its Rule Concerning the Use of Prenotification Negative Option Plans (“Rule”). Comments are due by October 13, 2009. The Rule regulates “negative option plans,” which are arrangements under which a seller may interpret a customer’s silence as acceptance of an offer.3 The Rule was originally promulgated in 1973, and was previously reviewed by the FTC in 1986 and 1997. The Commission is now seeking comments on whether the Rule should be expanded to cover additional forms of negative option offers. Presently, the Rule covers prenotification negative option plans. The Commission has noted that the Rule does not include other types of negative option plans, including: (1) continuity plans, (2) trial conversions, and (3) automatic renewals. The Commission is also seeking comment on what modifications should be made to the Rule to reflect relevant technology or economic conditions.