On 30 November 2014, EIOPA published the results of its insurance stress test for 2014. Key findings include that the insurance sector is generally well capitalised for the purpose of Solvency II, though 14% of participating (re)insurers had a SCR ratio below 100%. The stress test also highlighted that, in a low yield environment, 24% of companies would not meet their SCR. EIOPA made several recommendations to national supervisory authorities, including that they carry out detailed assessments of (re)insurer preparedness for Solvency II and in relation to the results regarding the low yield environment. EIOPA also recently published a report on the results of its low interest rate environment stock-taking exercise during 2014. The report contains quantitative information obtained from insurers and information regarding the powers that are available to and/or have been utilised by NSAs in recent years (e.g. intensified monitoring regarding interest rate risk).