Yesterday in Iowa, Hillary Clinton released her own plan to fight global warming. Clinton said yesterday, "I believe America is ready to take action, to break the bonds of the old energy economy, to prove that the climate crisis is one of the great economic opportunities in the history of our country."

Her initiative is more aggressive than the current Lieberman-Warner legislation before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. It calls for a return to 1990 United States emissions levels by 2020 and 80 percent below 1990 U.S. levels by 2050. Allowances for utilities and other companies would be done 100 percent through an auction, where the proceeds would benefit renewable technologies, energy efficiency and tax cuts for middle-class Americans. All new coal plants would be required to include carbon capture and storage technologies upon it being "commercially available" under Clinton's plan.

It will be interesting in the coming weeks as the Lieberman-Warner bill is presented before the full Senate EPW Committee as to which way Clinton will vote. If she backs off her standards and votes for the bill it will most likely pass through full committee, however if she sticks to the goals of her initiative there is a good chance that it would not pass through the full committee.