The Consumer Protection Partnership (CPP) has published its third Report, highlighting the work undertaken to tackle consumer detriment since its second Priorities Report in January 2015. 

Members of the CPP have worked collectively to develop and promote important areas in the consumer field. Since January 2015, the CPP has developed a toolkit for advisors and enforcers, assisting with questions and complaints regarding unfair prepayment and cancellation. A co-ordinated plan of action addressing subscription traps caused by social media advertising has also been implemented.  The CPP has also helped to raise awareness to both consumers and businesses of the changes in law arising from the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

The CPP has identified a number of key areas of concern for 2016.  These are explained in Section 2 of the Report.  The key areas of concern to note are:

  • Scam calls (fraudulent schemes remain prevalent to the detriment of the public).
  • Digital markets (as a consequence of the rapid expansion of online consumers and businesses).