The EBA has issued a report on recent trends in non-performing loan and forbearance for over 160 European banks, showing that non-performing loans in the EU remain up to three times higher than other global jurisdictions. In the report the EBA sets out three policy options for reducing the current impediments to the resolution of non-performing loans. The EBA recommends that the ongoing supervisory work which is currently pushing for improved provisioning and arrears management be supported. In addition, structural issues need to be addressed - the EBA points out that clearing backlogs in judicial systems and processes could improve the marketability of non-performing loans. The third policy area which needs to be addressed is enhancing the transparency of non-performing loans and real estate collateral valuation. The EBA, in its report, points to a revival of the EU debt securitisation market as a solution for widening the range of options banks can entertain in seeking a way to deal with their non-performing loans.