The Public Interest Alliance, which sued some 100 cosmetic and personal care companies in California alleging that they violated the state’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 (Prop. 65) by failing to warn consumers that their powder makeup and sun-protection products contain titanium dioxide (TiO2), a substance known to the state to cause cancer, has reportedly settled with 19 of them. According to a press release issued by the group’s counsel, the defendant companies that most recently settled the claims agreed to remove the chemical from their products, provide the Prop. 65 warnings or remove products containing TiO2 from the California market.

In a statement counsel said, “The Public Interest Alliance is not saying that powder cosmetic products are necessarily unsafe, but it does want to raise awareness that the scientific-based link between the inhalation of titanium dioxide powder and tumor growth requires more study. This suit is intended to increase corporate responsibility and pressure the large cosmetics manufacturers to do sufficient research to be able to say with scientific reliability whether or not their powder makeup products may cause cancer.” Counsel further claimed that the companies had “pooled resources to fight in court” rather than evaluate their products to determine “‘how much’ TiO2 is inhaled over a lifetime.” See, September 4, 2014.