The European Commission – while emphasising that it continues to work for a deal ensuring an orderly withdrawal – has called on governments and businesses to take action immediately to prepare in case no withdrawal agreement is agreed and ratified by 30 March 2019.

Examples of the consequences include:

  • Citizens: no specific arrangement for EU citizens in the UK or vice-versa.
  • Borders: application of tariffs and checks for customs, agri-food safety and compliance with product standards.
  • Regulations: product certifications cease to be valid across the UK and EU.
  • Transport: loss of operating licences.
  • Financial Services: loss of passporting rights.Pharmaceuticals: marketing authorisations cease to be valid across the UK and EU.
  • Personal Data: sufficient safeguards need to be in place each time data is transferred.
  • Professionals: loss of recognition of qualifications.EU Funding: UK entities would cease to be eligible.

The prime minister, while making clear that the government is working for a good deal, has said that it will be issuing some 70 ‘technical notices’ in August and September advising companies and households on what they need to do to prepare.