1. Pre-Fabricated Construction

One type of construction that is growing in popularity is “off-site” – modular or prefabricated construction. This area is growing due to the many benefits, including reduced waste, reduced construction time and the costs savings related to both. These benefits result in a more certain schedule as well as a more definite budget, making it attractive to developers.

2. BIM

While BIM (Building Information Modeling) has been around for some time and has been typically used on larger projects it is becoming much more commonplace on projects of all sizes. BIM has been found to provide benefits such as better coordination among the different parties as well as more consistent document generation. Many owners are now requiring that their contractors use this technology on projects of all sizes.

3. Laser Scanning

In addition to BIM, laser scanning is another technology that is having a significant impact on the industry. 3-D laser scanners create a digital reproduction of the dimensions and positions of objects in a certain space, and then turn that information into a point cloud image. While not a lot of people are using it currently, it is expected to grow in usage in the next five years because it provides much more information about construction conditions and allows for changes to be made early in the process.

4. Green Building

While green building practices have become customary in the commercial construction sector, the residential sector has been slower to embrace these practices. However, the consumer demand for more environmentally friendly structures and life-cycle cost savings is gradually making green building practices more commonplace in the residential arena. Green building and LEED certification is expected to continue to grow across all sectors.

5. Residential Changes

Construction in the multifamily sector will slow down or level off but construction in the single family sector is expected to improve. However single family housing will still be well below the pre-recession normal levels and the multifamily sector will remain steady. Newer homebuyers are now looking for walkable communities with access to public transportation and mixed use facilities. Developers have been advised that attached homes within walking distance of shopping, restaurants and public transportation will be most desirable for new homebuyers.