On 5 June 2017 the Data Protection Law, 2017 (Law) was published in the Cayman Islands Gazette. Once proclaimed into force, the Law will introduce for the first time in the Cayman Islands a legislative framework on data protection that will apply to almost all entities which are either established in the Cayman Islands (including investment funds) or are otherwise processing personal data in the Cayman Islands.

The Law will come into effect on a date to be determined and set by Cabinet Order. Once in effect, all entities captured by the Law will be required to take certain steps with respect to privacy and personal data. No immediate steps are required at this time and we will provide a further update once the effective date of the Law is known.

To prepare you in advance of the proclamation of the Law, we have produced a comprehensive guide which covers the key concepts and obligations that clients should be aware of.

The guide can be downloaded here.