On 1 April 2013 the much heralded Jackson Reforms became a reality, implementing key changes to legislation, regulations, and rules that will impact mainly on the personal injury world, and also to wider commercial disputes.

Lord Jackson recommended “a coherent package of interlocking reforms, designed to control costs and promote access to justice.” However following the implementation of these reforms, are parties prepared for the changes that will ensue? And how significant will these changes going to be in practice?

This briefing note provides an overview of the Jackson Reforms highlighting some of the key changes that have been made, and the practical implications to parties involved in the litigation process. The first half of the note addresses the practical effects of the extension of the RTA Portal Process to claims of up to £25,000, and the extension of the Portal to Employer’s Liability and Public Liability Claims. The second part of the note addresses some of the key procedural changes that have taken place and the changes to litigation funding.

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