On January 12, Manatt Health presented a new webinar examining what the Republican sweep of the presidency, House and Senate—as well as its control of 33 governorships and 70 of 99 state legislative bodies—means for healthcare at the federal and state levels. The program provides a detailed look at what to expect from the new Trump Administration.

If you or anyone on your team were unable to attend the session—or want to view it again—click here to access it free on demand. If you would like a free copy of the presentation for your continued reference, click here.

The webinar addresses a broad range of key issues:

  • The Trump Administration's healthcare agenda and competing priorities
  • The healthcare positions, goals and legislative/policy backgrounds of key appointees—and their potential impact
  • Potential administrative and legislative actions in areas such as drug costs, Medicare, Medicaid, Marketplaces, reproductive health and employer coverage
  • Policy options for "repeal and replace," including the key components of a replacement strategy
  • Key events coming up this year—from the expiration of CHIP to decisions on the insurance company mergers to cost-sharing reductions and risk-adjustment payments