In late August, the FCC unanimously adopted a Notice of Inquiry (“NOI”) seeking comment on whether consumers have up-to-date information that is sufficient to make informed decisions regarding their communications services. In the past, the FCC has focused primarily upon the information contained in consumer bills, but the present NOI raises questions about the information provided at all stages of the consumer process: choosing a service provider, choosing a service plan, managing use of a selected service plan, and deciding whether to change providers or service plans. The NOI raises these questions broadly with respect to all types of communications services, including not only wireline and wireless, but also broadband and video. The FCC specifically seeks comment on policies that have a high ratio of consumer benefit to industry cost, how the formatting and display of information can impact the usefulness of various types of consumer information, and how consumer disputes should be resolved. Comments are due October 13, 2009, with reply comments due October 28, 2009.