Whilst yet not fully confirmed, the federal cabinet has suggested that for 2018 the federal German Film Funding Fund (DFFF) will be able to distribute a total of 125 million EUR to eligible projects as opposed to only 50 million EUR available in 2016. The impressive increase of 75 million EUR will be targeted at large-scale productions as part of the „DFFF II“ funding initiative. It is further intended that the new automatic subsidy can also be accessed by VFX service providers contributing to feature films. As of today high-end TV series, however, will still not be eligible.

The DFFF’s funds for 2017 had already been increased by 25 million EUR to 75 million EUR which additional funds should be available for high budget productions as of this summer for studio services with a support level of probably 25% on the German spend.

On the administrative side the Federal Film Funding Agency (FFA) has recently also published its revised funding guidelines, which in the essence serve as the basic cook-book for putting together co-productions which intend to receive funding from German public institutions.