On April 15, 2010, President Obama signed into law the Continuing Extension Act of 2010 (the “Act”). The Act provides for another temporary extension of the COBRA premium subsidy. As a result of this extension, an “assistance eligible individual” is now considered an employee or member of his/her family who elects COBRA continuation coverage following a qualifying event that is related to the employee’s involuntary termination of employment that occurs at any point from (1) September 1, 2008 through May 31, 2010, or (2) March 2, 2010 through May 31, 2010 if (a) the involuntary termination follows a qualifying event that was a reduction in hours and (b) the reduction of hours occurred at anytime from September 1, 2008 through May 31, 2010. All assistance eligible individuals continue to be required to only pay 35% of their COBRA premiums for a maximum subsidy period of 15 months. Again, the Department of Labor (“DOL”) has provided model notices on its website reflecting the requirements of the new Act. Employers should update their COBRA notices to reflect the new requirements using the DOL’s model notices as a guide or obtain the updated notices directly from your insurance carriers. If you have difficulty or questions about your notices, please contact your relationship attorney.