On 5 January 2015, the Singapore International Commercial Court (the “SICC”) was officially launched. The SICC website was launched by the Supreme Court two days later on 7 January 2015. The SICC website provides useful information on the SICC and its procedures, including links to the Rules of Court applicable to SICC proceedings, the SICC Practice Directions and the SICC User Guides. Please click here to access the SICC website.

The SICC is an international court with specialist jurists hearing international commercial disputes as well as disputes governed by foreign law. It will complement existing arbitration services and broaden the suite of dispute resolution options that are available to regional as well as international parties.

The SICC is a division of the High Court of Singapore, and local lawyers will have automatic rights of audience before the SICC.  In certain limited cases, foreign lawyers may be permitted to appear as counsel before the SICC, for example, when the dispute has no substantial connection with Singapore, other than the fact that parties have chosen to litigate the dispute before the SICC, and if the foreign lawyers meet the requirements for registration.

The judges who may hear cases in the SICC and appeals from the SICC include local as well as international judges. The international judges come from Australia, Austria, France, Hong Kong, Japan, United Kingdom and the United States. Please click here to view the list of local and international judges which is available on the SICC website. All appeals from the SICC will be heard by the Court of Appeal of Singapore but parties are allowed to contractually exclude or limit this right of appeal.

Allen & Gledhill Partners Ang Cheng Hock, SC and Chong Yee Leong were members of the SICC Committee which recommended the establishment of the SICC in the Report of the Singapore International Commercial Court Committee.

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